TEACHER:  Tami Aidlin

PARENT EDUCATOR:   Kylene Ushimaru



Life with a 2 year old is like a Seattle day–sunny one moment and cloudy the next! 

  • They are excited to play and explore.
  • Their imaginations are blossoming.
  • They still need our help moving beyond “MINE!”

Our class is a safe place to express their independence by exploring a room full of opportunities. As they grow more comfortable with language, we help them learn to communicate their needs.

9:00   Welcome from Teacher Tami

Choice Time to Play, Explore, Pretend, and Create

Put Away Time (we made a joyful mess and we learn to clean up, too)

Circle Time Story and Songs (learning to sit and take part)

Snack (sitting together eating a healthy snack furnished and prepared by parents according to Health Department standards)

Music and Movement (singing and using big muscles)

11:00  Time to say Good Bye


Parents assist in the classroom one day a week. 

  • You choose whether your day each week will be either Thursday or Friday.

o If you cannot come in due to illness, etc. you ask another parent to trade with you.

  • We teach you ways to interact with the kids using our “positive discipline” philosophy.
  • Your child comes the other day without you.

o    Some 2-3’s have a hard time separating–we follow your lead and help you both make this transition

Parents get to:

  • attend a monthly, evening parent meeting to discuss business and parenting topics  (evening set by the parents–example: first Tuesday of each month 7-9:00)
  •  help with the running of the preschool and fundraising
  • choose a co-op job that fits your interests, skill, and time


The push-pull, I want you and I want to do it myself, of growing independence brings parenting challenges

How to set limits that don’t squelch independence?  How to help two children who want the same toy?

Parent Education is an important part of our Two Day Preschool:

= A  Parenting Educator attends class one day each week (alternating Thursday and Friday) ready to check in with you to offer tips that will help at home and at school

= The class chooses one night a month for a Parent Meeting–time to learn about guidance and discipline AND as an adult night out together (example: first Tuesday of each month 7-9:00)

= To personalize your learning, choose from a list of free talks on topics such as: Guidance & Discipline, Raising Boys/Girls, Separation, Sleep, Raising an Only,  First Aid and CPR

Parents say:  “Being in co-op helped us move through those “Terrible Two’s” I had heard about. They weren’t so bad because I had friends going through it together–with the help of our teachers!”

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