Preschool Spanish

TEACHER BIO: Charlotte Skeffington (AKA Maestra Carlota)

Maestra Carlota completed undergraduate studies in International Affairs and Latin American Studies at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Oregon, and spent the following 2 years in El Salvador where she served as a Rural Heath & Sanitation Peace Corps Volunteer. Upon completion of Peace Corps Service, Charlotte returned to Seattle where she worked as an Elementary Program Coordinator with New Futures—a branch of Southwest Youth and Family Services.

Spanish Curriculum

Every Monday in our 3’s and 4’s classroom:

  • She brings special art activities and leads us in Stories, Games, and Songs for Circle Time
  • She begins with concrete concepts that fit into a child’s world (colors, shapes, numbers, parts of the body,  common phrases) and moves to conversational phrases.
  • She engages them in conversation as they play together throughout the school day.
  • Her warm and gentle spirit sets a no-pressure tone of encouragement and fun.

Maestra Carlota believes learning Spanish is great fun and that exposing preschoolers to the Spanish language gives them an opportunity to tap into their natural ability to hear and distinguish sounds and strengthens their capacity to make sense of what they are hearing. Learning Spanish early also allows children to fully enjoy the way it sounds. Children aren’t afraid to play with languages. They are drawn into the magic of rhymes and songs. They hear and experiment with the beat of a song; they enjoy mimicking the pronunciation of new and strange words. Whereas older learners sometimes lose this fascination with words and sounds, or they become self-conscious and are less likely to play with the language in the same, uninhibited way.

Wont you come jugar, cantar, bailar, y aprender con nosotrosTe esperamos en Lincoln Park Cooperative Preschool!

Why do we think our Spanish Program makes the Lincoln Park Co-op special?

  1. (Uno!) Brain research tells us that early exposure to foreign language develops neural (brain) pathways that make language learning easier.
  2. (Dos!) Exposure to other cultures helps prepare kids for their future which will be one without global boundaries.
  3. (Tres!) The kids love it!