You may be wondering what we’ve been up to at Lincoln Park Cooperative Preschool during the Covid-19 Pandemic. For detailed information on the hybrid model of outdoor in-person and online offerings, click on the covid-19 plan above. For visuals and testimonials from current families, check out below.

“Co-op has completely transformed my parenting experience. Through LPCP, we’ve brought home so many concrete tools from our parent educators; witnessed our kids’ creativity, conflict resolution, and joy of learning with their incredible teachers; and joined a supportive, involved community of families. I was on the fence about doing a remote and/or hybrid year of pre-k, and I have been blown away by the preparation and adjustments our instructors have made, from awesome take-home curriculum kits to engaging Zoom classes to one-on-one parent ed check-ins and support, we are so grateful for our LPCP community this year!”


“Our 2-year-old was VERY hesitant about virtual preschool when he first started. It’s been a joy to see him blossom over the course of the year. He looks forward to his time with “Teacher Charlotte and friends” every week, and Brian the Duck (Teacher Charlotte’s duck puppet friend) is basically a celebrity in our house. Co-op has also been a tremendous resource for us as parents as we navigate toddlerhood amidst an extremely trying year. We are so grateful for the community and support.”


My daughter loves having Spanish videos to watch on her own time

-PArent in the Pre-K class

A welcoming community led school with extraordinary teachers. Teachers who are able to engage two and three year olds over Zoom – not an easy feat!

A community who welcomes all and becomes the support mechanism we all need through the early years and the hard days. A community who brought meals when I had my second child (which when you live 4,500 miles away from all your family and friends was so very welcome), a community who embraces play based learning and a big emphasis on making learning fun! 

Both my boys loved their days of ‘Tami School’. They were taught with such kindness from a wonderful teacher who always had a big smile and an open heart. 


So far this year, my child has benefited from the consistency of preschool. Having a community that she gets to relate to. Something to call her own. She loves art and the big animal cutouts to paint have been a favorite!

– Parent in the 2s class

“Just so pleased with how much effort has been put into making the children’s experience amazing during these unpredicted times.”

– PArent in the Pre-K Class